Quitting A Job? Avoid These 12 Common Mistakes

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Dramatic behavior

Stay calm and move on.

When you were told that your services are no longer needed, don’t panic and show your inner feelings out. You must be angry, irritated, frustrated, you want to shout out loud, but take a deep breath and be cool.

Screaming won’t do any good and better stay calm and say a proper goodbye to your teammates and colleagues and leave a proper remembrance rather than the odd behavior at the last moment.

Taking revenge

The common mode of revenge upon your company is to damage or take away the office property. Don’t ever do this out of frustration. Just think about your reputation you build up with your consistent hard work.

The idea of damaging or stealing will leave you without any positive feedbacks and references, and in the worst case you might land up in jail in offence of tarnishing and stealing things/data, which does not belong to you.

Keep up your working spirit

The hard part is working with same high spirit during the last days of office. You already served your notice period and few more days left for you to leave the office, will make you lazy towards working in office.

But, don’t do this and be a professional and avoid this mistake and help your teammates the way you did earlier and make them feel happy before you leave. People will remember you for your great working spirit and contributions.

Plan a smooth transition

Leaving the office with your unfinished task left behind will leave you with a bad reputation. Be a professional and discuss your projects which have to be transferred to other people or team.

Sit down, make them understand, give them a presentation and make them aware of the project and the needful to be done.

You will gain a respectable position even when you leave with your organized transfer of your projects and unfinished task. Communicate the plan and progress with everyone concerned in person and on e-mail.

Forgetting proper transfer

Data and equipments belonging to the office have to be respectfully returned back. These do not belong to you, so please be courteous enough to hand it back before you leave.

All the data and equipments has to be returned back and get a clearance certificate from the office or related teammates, accounts, HR. Upload a copy of the certificates to your personal e-mail ID before you submit the clearance to your supervisor and HR.

Pending claims

Get all your claims settled before you make an exit from the office. Get your hard earned money before you leave as after you are gone from office, recovery of money or any important documents will be difficult.

Sign off in advance on the date and amount of your full and final settlement making sure that you get the dues cleared and every matter is settled well.


Though whatever hard times you had in the office control your emotions and don’t offer criticism to the employers during the last days of your working in the office.

During the exit interview make sure you don’t make the matter worse for your teammates, and do not show your anger there and pour in criticism.

This can lead to branding, as a person who did not speak up while at work and now taking up a stand. Discuss only what worked for you and what was good about your team.

Breaking the PF

Eating away your PF is not a good idea during the course of changing jobs. Even though you feel you can be running out of cash soon with no job in hand, don’t break the PF.

It is meant to be your saving and should be kept aside until you retire; or if you plan to reinvest the amount in an asset like property.

Breaking the Provident Fund account too soon can hamper your savings and future plans. Find ways of curtailing your expenses until your cash flow stabilizes.

Discussing your future Job

Sharing things with your colleagues is ok but getting too cozy can lead you to faraway land filled with troubles. Make your exit from the past office smooth and keep you future job a secret until you join.

Your future plans should all be yours, do not talk about it. Discussing these things can make other people in the office restless and may be jealous of you getting a better opportunity and if for some or the other reason, the new job does not work out you will be embarrassed.

Bitching about the employer

Be careful as you speak against your employer. Catching up with your teammates over a glass of drink or cup of coffee is superb, and tempting enough to vent out your anger or frustration over issues in office.

Don’t do it, because what if the criticism gets too high proving fatal for you both currently and in future. Be careful what you say, as words travel faster than anything. It is best to focus on your desire for better growth opportunity rather than indulging yourself in petty troublesome talks.

Exaggerating CV

Show what you really are and don’t over exaggerate things.

Take extra effort to mould up your CV well, but avoid extra things and roles. Be exact and to the point. While describing your present responsibilities and achievements include what you really do and indulged yourself in projects.

Be careful as a false mention of things can cause you your future job and tarnish your reputation for long. Most employers will run a third-party verification check. Do not exaggerate and reveal things until you are fixed upon anything.

Keeping a grudge

Being in office for a long time lets you mingle with various people in the office and in turn you make sweet and bitter relationships in office premises. As you work with dedication in your final days at office, leave all the bitterness behind and leave behind a positive energy and cool relationships and energizing conversations.

Follow the happy path of forgiving and gift yourself a piece of peaceful mind and walk away into your new role with positivity and happiness keeping the contacts from the past office intact.


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