5 Psychological Tricks To Nail A Job Interview

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Warm Up

If in case you have reached before the scheduled interview time make the most use of it by just warming up yourself with simple ways like warm your hands, either under hot water or under a hand dryer.  Whether you get through your job or not, but this psychological trick will keep you in the right mindset from the start and calm your nerves and help you focus.

Mirror Their Movements

Want the job? Then you’ve got to be likeable and one way you could possibly do that is by mirroring your interviewer. But remember, while mirroring is often subconscious, you can certainly control it by paying attention to how your interviewer’s nonverbals, especially his/her body language and tone of voice. But keep it very subtle, otherwise it might backfire.

Take Your Time

You might feel compelled to answer each question right away, but don’t be afraid to take a few seconds to collect your thoughts because that is what will keep your hunt for the job alive.  By taking time to answer, it not only will let your answers sound more articulate, but you’ll sound more confident to your interviewer. In addition it also makes the interviewer think that you might be the right prospect.

Watch Your Body Language

Cracking your knuckles or playing with your pen, can cost you a dear and give the wrong impression to your interviewer. So at any cost you need to keep track of your body language which is crucial for nailing your next job interview.

“This gives off the vibe that you’re closing in on yourself and not willing to understand,” exclaimed Melinda Edwards. She further adds that, “Similarly, don’t fidget too much, This makes the interviewer uncomfortable, because they see how restless you are.”

Bond with Your Interviewer

One of the most interesting and crucial aspect is bonding with the Interviewer. Finding common ground with your interviewer creates a personal connection that makes you more memorable and likeable.

The best possible way to do it is by giving subtly compliments to interviewer on the questions he asks, or on some aspect of their personality. Moreover, try to find something that will bond you, such as commenting on pictures of his family, or sports teams.


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